Overseas life assurance business (OLAB)

OLAB includes Friends Provident International investment and life assurance policies sold to overseas customers, including Icelandic, Swedish and Guernsey customers. These products are no longer open for new business.

You can visit our local language customer websites for more information:

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From 1 April 2016, policy information cannot be accessed online for the following products:

Guernsey International Products, International Investment Account, International Investment Bond, International Investment Plan, International Savings Plan, International with Profit Bond, Options Range, AlphaSave, International Protector Africa, Income Protection, International Team Assurance, UltimaBond / Save.

However, you can request a policy statement for these products, by email. This will be a current unit valuation. For additional information please contact us using the methods shown below under the 'Contact us' section.

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Request a policy statement

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